Autriche : la distribution recommande 3 livraisons/jour maxi aux ateliers

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La fédération autrichienne de distribution (VFT - verband der freien Kfz-Teilehändler Österreich), a récemment décidé de recommander à ses membres et à ses ateliers (leurs clients) de limiter les livraisons à trois fois par jour.

The question of the number of deliveries and the logistic organization of wholesalers and distribution companies to workshops is a key challenge in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

The Austria distribution federation (VFT - verband der freien Kfz-Teilehändler Österreich), has recently decided to recommend to their members and their workshops (their customers) to limit deliveries three times daily.

It is of course only a recommendation, not a common rule, but thanks to this common commitment, the number of daily deliveries has already started to decrease.

This move is a win/win deal as it doesn’t push the workshops to create stock, but to better anticipate numbers on their forecasted operations.

Based on this disruptive approach, NEXUS believes this initiative should serve as a best practice to be extended on a global scale.

NEXUS Climate Day will receive Walter Birner, the Austria Distribution Federation Chairman, on stage - March 20th, 2023 - to describe this major step forward.


Walter Birner said: “This is a first step. When everyone understands that it is a positive change for all, we will move forward and recommend to reduce down to 2 daily deliveries”.

Gaël Escribe, NEXUS Automotive International CEO said: “This is what NEXUS Climate Day aims to deliver: concrete solutions that make real changes in terms of carbon impact. We will ask all stakeholders to come with their best practice to make a difference. Acting is now a priority. Deliveries, logistic organization, anticipation and forecasts, last mile deliveries are at the center of our challenges.”


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