Nexus : lancement réussi pour le programme de formation digital « Leading Stars » en Chine


NEXUS Automotive International soutient les distributeurs et fournisseurs de pièces automobiles sur le marché chinois et franchit une nouvelle étape, avec le lancement réussi de son programme de formation digital « Leading Stars ». Le programme, lancé en collaboration avec la structure régionale NEXMENTO, a été mis en ligne le 1er juin...

Voir le communiqué détaillé de Nexus ci-dessous (en anglais)

The program, launched in conjunction with regional structure NEXMENTO, went live on 1st June and over the next six months will see six N! Suppliers each taking the lead for that month in presenting their individual product group.

June has been declared Valeo Air Conditioning Month and the program’s launch achieved an impressive more than 800 viewings.

Each brand month is a hybrid of online and offline technical training, and marketing and communication activities.


An award ceremony will take place during Automechanika Shanghai in December, where the ‘most welcomed brand’ and ‘best trainee’ will be chosen and receive an award.

It is hoped to attract a minimum 1,000 subscribers to Leading Stars in 2021, with an ambitious target of 5,000 subscribers for the second round in 2022.

Leading Stars is hosted on NEXUS’ new N! Academy WeChat platform, specially developed to ramp up digitally-based initiatives in this major market.

With the recovery from COVID-19, NEXUS’ commitment is to continuously help fast-track business developments in the region and simplify market access for N! Suppliers through a single point of contact and by developing dedicated initiatives.

NEXMENTO was launched in 2020 with the objective of consolidating the purchasing needs of distribution companies in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

In addition to Leading Stars, NEXUS and NEXMENTO have, over recent months, taken part in a variety of initiatives with the aim of developing N! Members’ business.

NEXMENTO actively participated in the QPzone China Aftermarket City Tour, which comprises nine events in nine major Tier-2 cities and brings together leading local distributors and workshops with good supplier resources.

Also, in collaboration with NEXUS, NEXMENTO organized four ‘live’ N! Academy trainings, with N! Members and representatives of N! Suppliers physically present.


James Zhang, China Business Developer for NEXUS, said:

NEXMENTO is trying to attract more local leading players in China to join the group by not only connecting them to community (suppliers or member colleagues), but also by providing value services to serve the workshops directly and grow loyalty to the distributors themselves and the brands they are dealing with. Service is most needed in the market.”


Bas Donders, N! Business Developer for Asia, said:

We believe that with the recovery from COVID-19, our N! Community in China will emerge even stronger thanks to the local and international support we are providing both to N! Members and N! Suppliers.

“Together with NEXMENTO, we have created a real synergy to help distributors and manufacturers to grow their business and be competitive in the market.

“We plan to gather our Chinese community together at the end of the year for a NEXUS Summit, which will also see the presence of the Asia Pacific community, to explore new opportunities and to be there to support their aftermarket business.”