Nexus condamne la guerre et soutient les civils et réfugiés ukrainiens


La paix en Europe étant en jeu, NEXUS Automotive International a réaffirmé son engagement à soutenir les civils et les réfugiés ukrainiens. La situation en Ukraine était dans tous les esprits lors du forum mondial annuel des entreprises NEXUS qui s'est tenu à Vienne du 7 au 10 mars.

The support of Nexus can be summarized as follows:

-        The Board of Directors has decided to provide a contribution of 300 000 € minimum to the United Nations Refugee Agency,

-        Hosting support for Nexus Ukrainian members and families: helping 26 adults and 29 children through a dedicated organization in Poland,

-        Dedicated supply support through providing goods deliveries to Ukrainian refugees.


Our support will last as long as Ukrainians need it, because working as a united community is in Nexus’ DNA.



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