Nexus : aftermarket digitalisé avec un programme de formation complet


NEXUS aidera ses membres à « s'immerger » dans un marché secondaire numérique d'avenir lorsqu’il organisera plus de deux semaines d’activités de formation virtuelles, qui devraient attirer des délégués du monde entier. Organisé par l’Académie N! de l’alliance, l’événement aura lieu du 15 juin au 1 juillet et se déroulera en collaboration avec les fournisseurs sélectionnés : Bosch, Mann+Hummel, SKF, Valeo et ZF.

Voir le communiqué détaillé de Nexus ci-dessous (en anglais)

The digital training sessions are for senior managers through to workshop technicians and are aimed at helping their businesses be even more competitive in an increasingly digitalized aftermarket.

This event, as part of the global and annual N! Academy program consists of:

  • ‘Future Talks’, dedicated to N! Members’ executives and directors, which will focus on the evolving means of mobility and the implication for the automotive aftermarket, including sustainability and new mobility trends and it will provide an overview of the automotive aftermarket business opportunity in the era of digital transformation, and
  • ‘Digital Training Event’, dedicated to N! Members’ technical coordinators, which will focus on product management and development to better understand how to coordinate the relationship between the workshop and the distributor.

There will also be an opportunity to introduce the new and innovative N! Academy digital platform which will be officially launched by the end of the month. Webinars, videos, live events, and other contents will be available in the platform and will help the acceleration of the NEXUS Academy program around the globe.

Florian Precigout, N! Service and Concept Director said: “This N! Academy initiative is aligned with our global N! Academy strategy of digitalization. Our partners are engaged in the transformation of the automotive industry in a more connected and digitalized business and our commitment is to help N! members and their workshops to keep pace and be highly competitive in the market.”